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Ask Why

Someone recently asked me how did I get to be where i am today in my career. After pausing, i answered "because I have always been skeptical." Here is what i mean by that. I have always been around really smart people. Growing up on a farm and hearing and seeing the salesman roll into the yard gave me perspective, gave me perspective.

When I heard about new technologies or products, i asked why should i consider this. I then asked how does it work. One example would be generic roundup. I had a seed supplier approach me and ask if my clients might be interested in generic roundup. The price was about 1/3 that of roundup. In the moment I said that I didn't think so. It seemed too good to be true. I however started asking my clients if they had interest in this. They were eager and wanted it. My mind was changed. I wasn't afraid to ask my clients why. I helped them by taking time to think about selling this new technology.

It's rare on social media where we see anyone ask why and because. When you ask why or because, this leads to education. Education is power. If more people ask why or because, there will be way more clarity and guess work.

Ask why and because. It might lead to some incredible discussions.

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