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Water, An Essential Nutrient for Wildlife.

A few of you on here recently listened to two of the best water educators speak on water quality. Art Helin and Zach Haas work with clients to establish "quality" water on properties. For those who have a concern with EHD, Zach is currently working with agencies to minimize the risk factors. Those are my go 2 guys for anyone who wants to geek out and learn truth and science when it comes to water.

The past couple days in Michigan I heard how people have plenty of water on some properties. I hear it all the time as to how people have creeks, rivers and other flowing sources of water on their property. They feel there is no need for ponds or larger water holes. Cold, flowing water is not quality in many areas. In areas where it's pure and from springs, is it still quality water. Cold water is not the same nutritionally for deer as warmer water. I have never seen 1 deer in the last 2 years drink water out of any of the many flowing ditches on the GRO farm. Deer always drink out of the pond or supplemental water sources. There are reasons for this.

Another reason why we want at least 10 foot by 10 foot by 3.5 foot deep water holes is to establish quality water. If we do not have enough available water sources close to bedding and food sources, we are exponentially increasing our risk factor for health issues. We are also reducing growth and overall health. We see it all the time on properties where deer are drinking out of small little water holes. These are breeding areas for disease and insect issues. Why buy products to try to reduce EHD versus getting right to the root of the problem.

Maybe we can get Zach Haas address water quality concerns on here. He is on a whole different planet than anyone i've ever listened to in the farming and wildlife world when it comes to the science of water. There are perhaps others on here who are full time water experts. These guys are incredible sources of information that help me finalize plans when I am on properties across the US. No matter if your in New York or Alabama, we need multiple sources of quality water on your properties in strategic spots. Let's take the random out of your program. Let's treat water as an essential nutrient and necessity.

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