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The Perfect Forage

The Perfect Forage

If the deer eat me low to the ground, I will regrow swiftly.

If I am near them, deer will prefer to eat me over most others.

If it gets really cold, I will still stay green.

If it gets really hot and dry, my roots will keep me alive.

If it gets wet, I can tolerate being in the soggy conditions.

If planted right, I can be the highest yielder around.

I am the perfect forage, UNLESS….

If you don’t plant me at the right place, right time and right way.

If your soil doesn’t have enough phosphorous to feed my roots and potassium to keep me thriving.

If you don’t clip me at the right time and allow me to go into reproduction.

If you don’t check back in on me at times to see if I’m sick.

The perfect forage doesn’t improve when placed in a bag.

The perfect forage is more than what is on the tag.

The perfect forage could yield 3 tons of dry matter per acre or 8.

Only you can decide how perfect that forage becomes.

I am balansa fixation clover......

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