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Have a Plan

When people reach out to me for help, it is rare that they have a short term and long term plan. No matter what one plants in the current year, it affects the subsequent year. Here are my basic principles when forming a plan.

  1. Always fixate nitrogen whenever possible

  2. Always smother weeds naturally

  3. Build soil organic matter or maintain surface residue

  4. Maintain living roots whenever possible

  5. Try to keep something growing as many days a year as possible.

  6. Try to establish a 3 year plot rotation plan.

  7. Never plant less than 3 species in a plot unless it's corn and soybeans. In that case consider overseeding or planting companion crops with them.

  8. Think 365 day nutrition

  9. Plant forages for the season next to the bedding sources for that season.

  10. Plant scrapelines wherever possible.

I enjoy helping people form a 3 year plot rotation. For more information feel free to email me at

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