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Food Plot Chemicals

G.R.O Chemical Information sheet

Seed Mix Chemical Use rate When to apply

Mass Builder Clethodim/arrow/select/poast 6-10 oz/acre Anytime

Mass Builder Pursuit 1.44-2.96 oz/acre early post emerge

Mass Builder 24DB/Butryrac 200 1-3 quarts/acre early post emerge

Inner Sanctum none unless you want to kill either all the grass or all the clovers

Inner Sanctum Clethodim/arrow/select/poast will kill off the oats and festuolium

Overseed mix same as mass builder

Fall Draw Clethodim/arrow/select/poast 6-10 oz/acre early post emerge

Frosty Delight same as fall draw

Grains and Greens Caution, you will kill off the oats and triticale if you spray grass killer on this mix

Four Galore Pursuit 1.44-2.96 oz/acre preplant/early post

Four Galore Clethodim/arrow/select/poast 6-10 oz/acre post emerge

Four Galore Dual Magnum/parallel/me-too-lachlor 1-1.33 pts/acre preplant/preemerge

Four Galore Prowl H20 1-1.5 pts/acre preplant/preemerge

G.R.O Soybeans Glyphosate 1-2 qt/acre post emerge

G.R.O Soybeans Pursuit 1.44-2.96 oz/acre pre/post emerge

G.R.O Soybeans Dual Magnum/parallel/me-too-lachlor 1-2 pts/acre preplant/preemerge

G.R.O Soybeans Extreme/thundermaster 3 pts/acre preplant/post emerge

Soil Builder don’t use chemicals on it

Logging roads any chemicals you use will either kill grass or clovers so don’t spray

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