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Food Plot Corn.

Here is some food for thought today on the topic of corn. Corn can be a great screening source or food source but here is some "beyond the bag."

Most newer genetics has numerous traits. The genetics has evolved to maximize yields as well as fast dry down. As a result we see higher starch levels, lower crude protein levels and a much harder kernel. University studies have shown it takes up to 6 months in storage to get normal effective digestion from the newer genetic corns. This is why most dairy farmers had to turn to grinding their corn like pig feed to get their cattle to milk on it. This is also why many progressive dairy farmers have turned to either conventional corn, brown mid rib genetics, floury genetics or soft kernel genetics.

So, what does this mean to the food plotter? My recommendations are to find older generation corn that has roundup 1, roundup 2, soft kernel/leafy genetics or something like Cannamaize. There are various companies that have these across the US. I have a preferred supplier of corn and people can reach out to me if they want to learn who are the one's offering these options.

Cannamaize is roundup 1 genetics from Canada that is around 67 day maturity. I have planted it 2x and one year we saw it under water twice and it still threw decent ears for a short season corn. The other advantage of cannamaize it is short stature of 4-6' tall and so it's a great corn for hunting birds in it. It also is great for overseeding brassicas or bulbs into it, as the stalk dries down fast and the canopy opens up. This allows good overseeding. The cannamaize also has a small round seed that can work good for broadcast seeding/drag and roll for those who dont have a corn planter. It also can me mixed with soybeans and drilled.

The leafy genetics besides the soft kernel, you also get extra leaves which gives you extra screening and bedding cover abilities. Me being a thrifty seed guy, most of these leafy genetic corns are $50-100 dollars a bag less than the new big boy corns and the cannamaize is inexpensive as well.

Hope I gave you somethings to think about. The picture below is Cannamaize with soybeans between the rows. This resulted in less overconsumption of soybeans.

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