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The Best Food Plot Mix for Whitetail Deer

On so many food plot forum sites as well as when I do seminars, people ask what is the perfect food plot mix for them to plant? The answer by the typical food plot company is......"plant xzy mix, it's the best on the market." This always makes me shake my head. The answer to the question should never be immediate or without asking a few questions. Here is the series of questions I typically ask before giving my recommendations on the best mix for whitetail deer:

Have you taken a soil test?

What is your soil ph and organic matter levels?

What part of the country do you live?

What is your soil texture?

What is your whitetail deer density?

How big of area do you plan to plant?

Where is this plot located? Is there plenty of sun?

How well drained is the area?

What time of year do you plan to plant?

What type of equipment do you have?

All these are important questions to ask. If someone hasn't taken a soil test, then I immediately assume their soil needs work and to only recommend mixes that tolerate poor soils. You never get success by a hope and a prayer when it comes to food plot mixes. Each of these areas I’ll cover in my newsletters and future blogs as to why they are very important to know before you decide what to plant.

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