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Spring triticale                        



Forage Peas                             

Crimson clover                       

Berseem clover                      


Seeding Rate:  80 per acre

Planting Depth: 1/2"

Planting Dates:

North: Apr 1-Jun 1, Aug 1-Sept 15

Central: March 15-Jun 1, Aug 1-Sept 15

South: Mar 1- May 1, Sept 15-Oct 31

Herbicides: None



-Fast growing

- Handles variable soils and lower pH’s

- Naturally smothers weeds

- Builds up soil organic matter

-Good spring and early summer nutrition



-Can’t spray herbicides on it without killing either the grains or the clovers.

-Matures fast, need to clip to prevent seed production.



May need to clip multiple times during a growing season. Can be over seeded into, clipped short and used as a companion crop. Can be a short rotation crop or full season crop.

Smart Cover 30 lbs. (1/2 acre)

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