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Blend of perennial native grasses 3-7’ tall. Acts as plot screening and permanent cover. Long lasting, may never need reseeding. It gives you better all season bedding than straight switchgrass. The 3 tiered heights aid in standability. The shorter grasses are better for summer bedding. You can also overseed pollinators into this blend after 1-2 years to give it even more diversity of structure and cover.


45% RC Switchgrass
25% Big Blue Stem
10% Little Blue Stem
10% Indiangrass
10% Side Oats Grama


Planting Date: may5-june 5
Seeding Rate: 7-10 lbs. per acre


picture is of a 2 year old stand taken in late March after a heavy snow.

Sanctuary Blend 2.5lbs.(1/3 acre)

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