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Meadow fescue                      


Creeping red Fescue              

Medium red clover                  

White Dutch clover                  

Alsike clover                             

ladino clover                              


Seeding Rate: 16-20 lbs. per acre

Planting Depth: 1/8-1/4”

Planting Dates:

North: Apr 1- Jun 1, Aug 1-Sept 15

Central: Mar 15- Jun 1, Aug 1-Oct 1

South: Mar 1-May 15, Sept 1-Oct 31

Herbicides you can use: Butyrac 200/2-4db for broadleaves



-Long lasting

-Fast Growing

-Tolerates shade

- Tolerates wet

-Tolerates poor soils and low ph.’s

-Handles wheel traffic



-Not as nutritious as other perennial mixes

-May need to be over seeded on occasion



Fertilize according to soil test.  Perennial forage mix. Remember to apply potassium every year.

Logging Trail Blend 25lbs. (1.5 acres)

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