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Winter Triticale                     

Winter rye                               

Winter wheat                          

Forage Peas                           


Daikon Radish                        

Winfred Brassica                          

Purple top Turnip                    



Seeding Rate: 50 lbs. per acre

Planting Depth: 1/4-1/2”

Planting Dates:

North: August 1- Sept 15th

Central: August 1-Oct 1

South: Sept 1-October 31

Herbicides you can use: None



-Tolerates wet better than other brassica blends

-Fast Growing

- Highly Nutritious

- Handles lower soil Ph ranges and poorer soils

-Semi shade tolerant

- Helps build soil organic matter



-Not as nutritious as frosty delight or fall draw



Fertilize according to soil test. If you seed in June the turnips would become woody or over mature

Grains and Greens 5lbs. (1/10 acre)

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