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G..R.O. Forage brassica blend contains two new improved forage brassicas to the United States. This blend has a maturity of 80-100 days to full maturity and is a high yielder. They are tall growing brassicas  as much as 12" taller than rape. They a great insect and disease resistance. The deer love it. It is higher in sugar and more attractive to deer. It can be added to a current blend or planted alone. It is best incorporated into blends at 2-5 lbs per acre. Full rate is 8-10 pounds per acre


It can be planted in late May or early June or in august-september in the north and september-october in the south. When planted in late May or June, it can get to be 5' tall. G.R.O. Forage brassicas do not produce a bulb. They are a tall and fast growing true forage brassica.

G.R.O. Forage Brassica Blend 2.5 lbs. (1/4 acre)

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