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Winfred Brassica                    


Daikon Radish                       


Forage Turnip                        


Seeding Rate: 7-10 lbs. per acre

Planting Depth: 1/8-1/4”

Planting Dates:

North: August 1- Sept 15th

Central: August 1-Oct 1

South: Sept 1-October 31

Herbicides you can use: Clethodim only



-Very cold tolerant

-Fast Growing

- Highly Nutritious

- High Yielding

-Multi graze. When deer eat it, it will regrow



-Mines a lot of nutrients from the soil

- Average shade tolerance



Fertilize according to soil test. Requires a bit more nitrogen than grains and greens or fall draw.

Annual forage mix. Can plant in June but would require clipping to encourage fresh regrowth.

Frosty Delight 25lbs. (2.5-3 acres)

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