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G.R.O. Enlist soybeans. This 1.7 maturity soybean allows for faster dry down and the ability to overseed fall brassicas into these. They also are higher protein and more attractive to deer because of their enhanced nutrient content.


This soybean includes the Enlist E3® triple-stack herbicide tolerant trait. Enlist E3 soybeans provide tolerance to Liberty® herbicide, new 2,4-D choline salt and glyphosate. With the ability to use Liberty herbicide, new 2,4-D choline salt and glyphosate, soybean farmers can employ multiple modes of action against their most difficult weeds. Triple-stacked Enlist E3 technology for weed control flexibility. The most complete soybean crop protection portfolio from planting to harvest. Quality testing exceeding industry standards for strong emergence and early-season vigor.

Enlist 1.7 maturity soybeans

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