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Balansa Fixation Clover is a great addition to any wildlife program. It is a highly nutritious forage that is preferred by deer across the U.S. It is known for it's high tonnage and cold tolerance. It makes a great 365 day forage. It can be planted alone but I prefer incorporating it with at least 2 other species. This forage is also known for it's ability to fixate nitrogen. This helps reduce your fertilizer costs for future plantings.


Fixation can be planted in early spring or in early fall across the US. It handles most soil types and is known for it's drought tolerance. It's deep root systems help handle what mother nature throws at us.


Full seeding rate is 8 lbs per acre

In mixes typically use 2-4 lbs per acre.

Planting Depth: 1/8-1/4"

Balansa Fixation Clover (2.5 lb. bag)

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