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Defining Success

How do you define success? Since an early age I have been about statistics, from Cecil Cooper batting .352 to Ron Guidry's insane E.R.A. Once i got into college statistics my mind really kicked into overdrive. From the moment I entered my career, to me typing this now, i have always been about "turning the table's, in our favor, to achieve success."

When i choose forages, i am looking at "increased protein, increased yield, increased overall nutrition." When i launch liquid products it's all about increased growth and overall success. Everything i teach and every step in my research journey involves statistics. Stop and chew on that.

If i say that a new blend has 20% more growth, that might not jolt you statistically but how about if i say that 20% growth produces 600 more deer feedings? Would that make you think differently about it? How about if i said chicory has 3 times the calcium than oats, rye, wheat or barley, that is statistically significant, right? When i say switching to an all liquid program gives 10-15% more protein, 10-25% more minerals and 10-25% more energy, is that significant? In my world it is and in the deer's world it is as well. We each have our own definition of success but it's my hope to get people to come up with their own way of benchmarking.

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