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4 years ago i started testing balansa fixation clover and even put the lawn mover deck down to try to stunt off the regrowth. It still kept coming back. 3 Years ago I answered the phone and replied to someone, "I bet i know what forage your bringing into the US." 2 years ago I started giving access to these unique forages to team members people across the US. Because of the abnormal rainfall this spring there was a lot less spring perennial plantings. I decided to not hold back until 2020.

I've edited a lot the past 2 years, not mentioning exact names of certain clovers. I did this to protect my research. When many of you saw certain clovers higher in nutrition than others I'll reveal what they were.

Balansa fixation clover. Nothing grows more forage dry matter per acre than this. I observed early on it's preference by deer over all other forages. Mississippi deer lab also observed this. It stays green down to 15 below zero. It is fast growing, drought tolerant, handles wet and you can smell it from a distance away. Jerry Hall hit a home run with this forage and to which I thank him. It is an annual but it tends to reseed easily. Weather and management permitting you will see it once again in your plot year 2.

Aberlasting clover. I knew about it, wanted to test it and Jerry Hall helped me get my hands on it. It stays green down to zero. It has incredible nutrition. It spreads. It is the most wet tolerant clover i've ever tested. It is very drought tolerant. What is wrong with it? I have not yet found anything wrong with it except for it requiring more nutrients. than your typical clovers. It is a "hybrid clover." It gives us the best of the whites and also what i always loved about kura clover. It can last for 20, 30 40? years? It will last as many years as yoiu manage it for.

So today, I am not just telling the public what I've been working on the past 4 years but allowing the general public to actual buy a blend called GOLD. Yes, I have made GOLD public. It contains a winter hardy alfalfa for the guys in the north and bulldog alfalfa for the guys in the deep south. It also has the deer's 2 preferred forages, aberlasting clover and balansa fixation clover. It is NOT for guys who want the average 2-3 tons of forage dry matter per acre per year but those who want 5-7.2 tons per acre. Yep, for the true "manager." who wants to do better instead of doing more.

That being said, the key to success starts with the roots and keeping it going for many years requires way more potassium than most put down on their plots.

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