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I was created perhaps a million years ago. I have changed a lot over the centuries. What I once was and what I have become has been an ever evolving process. Many actions and reactions have formed me into what I am currently.

In the past century my "blanket" has been stripped off me as i lie. I feel so exposed. I feel so under appreciated, naked if you may. I once felt incredibly healthy. I was full of worms, nutrients, organic matter and bacteria, fungi and more. I was a powerhouse. I was so alive and strong. I felt like I could live forever. Low and behold, the taming of beast by man began my descent. I am no longer what I use to be.

I feel the pain of being driven over repeatedly. I feel so constricted. I miss the days of spending time with the worms. I miss all the oxygen that was surrounding me. I recall fondly the times where roots were aplenty. Roots that grew deep and with many branches. Oh, how I long for those days. Why oh why did the chemical companies become the hammer? Why couldn't mechanical processes and mother nature solve more crisis? Why wont man listen to the science? How come man can't fathom how the chemistry is making me unhealthy?

Oh, how lazy has man and beast become. Long gone are the days of observation and stargazing. If but a simple understanding of the sun and moon, of rain and dry. For me to become what I once was, I say a silent prayer.

Change me back from dirt to soil For even if you strain and toil What's wrong with rolling up one's sleeve Stop harming me by being a naughty thieve

No matter what seeds you plant if i'm not thriving they will be scant A time and place for every thing For animals and bird would once more sing

Send me saviors of the cause Those who heal by more than bandaid and gauze For a million years of time formed me Only a few years turned me into what you now see

For there is no simple solution With my words of resolution Step back and ponder a new vision You could do nothing or make a sound decision



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