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The best seed

John's top 10 list why your not ready to buy the best seed. 1) You don't take a soil sample 2) You don't maintain soil pH each year 3) You are not aware of how much n-p-k is mined from the soil each year by any forages you plant, under average yield conditions. 4) You don't winterize your perennials 5) You don't know the effective pH, ranges of all species you plant 6) Don't apply sulfur, unless your soil test says your in excess 7) You don't use micro nutrients 8) You don't understand pure live seed rates 9) You don't look at the tag to check on test dates 10) You don't understand the difference been % of each seed in a bag and final stand percentages

Why do I bring these things up? This is the foundation for my wildlife seminars. These items I bring up all the time to clients. If one understands these concepts, they are ready for the best. My interpretation for the best is any available forages that are preferred at any given time by deer. They also will produce 20% or more above others in areas of major minerals, crude proteins, and NEg.

To quote a long time friend who helped start the 2nd wildlife brand in the industry. A great manager can take average and turn it into good. A poor manager can take great and turn it into poor. My point isn't to offend people but to challenge everyone on this site to do better and if your not ready for great, that is not a big deal. You will get there. No one is ready right away.

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