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The Journey

So many people measure success the the end goal. Whether it be harvesting that trophy buck or a mature doe, the harvest means finality. To others, they look at food plots as success if they hold deer on their property by providing 365 day nutrition. For myself, it is not about the end of the journey but the holistic benefits of doing better.

For myself, food plotting and deer nutrition is a 365 day a year process. We want to take soil samples at the end of the season. If we need lime, we get it down ideallly from November thru March. We want to always frost seed new plots in February or March and overseed existing plots during that time frame. An outstanding time to scout is during shed hunting season. This gives us insight as to where the deer travel and bed.

When we start planting our spring cover crops, we are setting ourselves up for success with our fall plantings. No matter what we plant, we learn from our mistakes and challenge ourselves to do better in the future. To some they look at this as failures but to those with long term goals, this can be turned back into a positive. We might be forced to think ahead or change our plans, whenever mother nature throws a roadbump before us.

As the summer months turn to fall, we see the fawns growing larger and the bucks horn growth accelerate. The does are fattening up for the winter. Look closer at what they are eating and when are they eating what they are. There are trends. There always is a multitude of factors that can affect what an animal eats in any given season and in any given year.

This is where G.R.O. offers the complete program. We are a wildlife program with a focus on intentive grazing with a holistic approach. We don't measure our success nor our customers by a size of a rack but our ability to educate our clients to help them do better. Our mindset is helping all of you to do better, each and every year. We want to go along for the ride with you. We want to see how your properties progress as time goes on. We are a relationship company. We value you as friends and not customers. We want to share our expertise to help you learn, making it fun and as a lifestyle experience versus, a task or necessity.

Thanks for having faith in us. We have faith in you to help share the message with others. We all are G.R.O.

Look closely at our logo......

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