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In 2017 we will have the main G.R.O Educational plot in Columbus WI. There will be a June 10th event, showing people 30 blocks of forages.

We will once again have an organic educational plot courtesy of Mark Labarbera. This is located near Hazel Green WI. Yes, you can do food plots without using chemicals.

We will have a new G.R.O educational plot located in Ladysmith Wisconsin thanks to JT'S Forest and Land Management. People will see each of the G.R.O mixes currently offered.

For those of you out east. We will have an experimental and educational plot in Pennsylvania thanks to Paul Rearick. There will be a focus on clovers and legumes.

In addition to the educational plots there are over 40 experimental plots across the United States. From the far north east to Mississippi. We have G.R.O field staff as well as field staff from Boot Trac Adventures, Wicked Tine, Created Outdoors and Outdoor Fervor planting various experimental mixes that could be added to future lineups.

Look for future pictures and research findings. We came to the industry to bring you all something better. We are not a company that throws seed on a shelf. We want to be the best and have 26 years of research and experience to bring to the table. We are elite because of the real world practical experience that John has acquired since 1991. We know seed and wildlife nutrition better than anyone in the industry. Watch our videos and read our blogs and social media posts to see for yourself.

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