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Scout your food plots.

I have been on numerous properties the past few weeks and am seeing a trend this year, a lot of weeds. The thing I have also been noticing is how many weeds are already heading out. So many people do not realize that once any weed begins to produce seed heads, that they are harder to kill. You want to spray most weeds before they reach 6" tall. Early season scouting might show you not just the quantity of weeds you have but also the type. So many people just think about using Glyphosate (Roundup) but you might need to add some residual weed control to your roundup or even change your herbicide product so as to reduce roundup resistance.

Here is one strategy for a new or current plot that contains a lot of grass. Perhaps it's a new plot that was in grass sod for many years. You can spray the plot with glyphosate, wait a week and til the soil. Plant an annual or perennial clover blend. You will probably see a new flush of grasses coming through. Go back and spray this plot with clethodim, arrow, select, or poast at 6-10 oz/acre and mix Grandpa Ray's 9-4-9 plant foods with it. The plant foods will give the new seeding a boost and help the herbicide stick and work more effectively.

If you have broadleaf issues, you can once again spray your plot with glyphosate, wait a week to plant and then plant your perennial clovers. You then can use brox, butril or pursuit at the early growth stage to control broadleaves.

One strategy to consider if your seeing a lot of weeds and have had a lot of past weed challenges is to spray with glyphosate and then wait a week. After a week til the ground and then wait another couple weeks to see if here is another flush of weeds, lightly work the ground to kill off the new flush of weeds and then plant.

Once last strategy is to work the ground and wait a couple weeks and then spray. Wait a week and then lightly condition the soil and plant.

If you have a field of mainly broadleaves and you are use to focusing on planting fall food plots only, here is something to consider. Plant Grandpa Ray's Soil Builder to smother weeds naturally or if your a program member, consider Fast Gro, then til those mixes into the ground before planting your fall brassica plots.

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