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Bee Clover

So many people overlook the importance of Bees for pollination. We need bees and we have seen a large drop in bee populations in recent years. The past year I have seen more people getting into bee keeping and being aware of planting forages to help the cause.

Grandpa Ray Outdoors has a bee clover mix. The formula is:

Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover 20%

Alsike Clover 20%

Ladino Clover 20%

Berseem Clover 20%

White Dutch Clover 20%

This mix contains a blend of annual, biannual and perennial clover that are ideal for bees and all species of wildlife for food and cover. Planting Dates: April 1- June 15 August 1- Sept 15th. Seeding Rate 8-10 lbs. per acre

What is pollination? It is the transfer of pollen from the male part to the female part of the flower. Upon the two’s meeting, a plant’s seed, nut, or fruit is then formed. Some plants rely on animals to assist with their pollination process, while others can pollinate themselves or rely on the wind to do it for them.

Pollination without help from animal pollinators, our everyday food supply would look much different. At least one third of our staples we’ve come to rely on would no longer be available.

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