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Deer Habitat Mixes

Deer need food , water and cover. So many people focus on hinge cutting trees and there is a time and place for that. Another part of the cover equation can be native grasses, forbs and pollinator mixes. These are solid perennial options, not just for bedding cover for deer but upland game birds as well. If you look at doing a pollinator mix, it also gives one bio diversity and some forbs for deer forage. You are also creating a good environment for birds as well as bees.

Here is four products G.R.O sells online.

Pheasant and Deer Mix

Minimum of 8 PLS lbs/acre of native grasses and 4 PLS oz/acre of forbs

Contains big blue stem, little blue steam, indingrass, side oats grama,Virginia Wild Rye, Bundleflower, Purple Prairie Clover, Partridge peas, white prairie clover, Black Eyes Susan and Culver's Root.


Minimum of 7 PLS lbs/acre of native grasses and 16 PLS oz/acre of forbs

Minimum of 35 seeds/sq ft

Maximum of 70% grasses by population

Pollinator CP42

Little Blue Stem, Big Blue Stem, Switchgrass, Blue Grama, Purple Prairie Clover, Partridge peas, white prairie clover, Black Eyes Susan and Culver's Root, Stiff Goldenrod, Gray Headed Coneflower, Smooth Blue Aster, Golden Alexanders, Wild Bergamont, Fox glove Penstemm, Great Blue Lobielaa, Narrowleaf Mountain Mint.

Perma Blend

This perennial native grass mix acts as plot screening and permanent cover mix. You have blend of grasses 3-7' tall. annual cover. This mix is a long lasting mix that might not every need to be reseeded or touched again.

40% Switchgrass

30% Big Blue Stem

10% Litttle Blue Stem

10% Indiangrass

10% Side Oats Grama

Northern areas: Thaw—July 15 October 8—Freeze up

Central areas: Thaw—June 30 October 15—Freeze up

Southern areas: Thaw—June 30 October 22—Freeze up

You can also frost seed or dormant seed your native grasses but you will need to increase your seeding rates for that. If your going to frost seed or dormant seed, look to plant a fall forage the previous year that has less ground cover. Consult your local nrcs agency for information on weed control. There are numerous government programs where there is cost sharing. Check to see what are the best mixes for your area.

G.R.O has the ability to custom mix according to you or your local nrcs agency recommendations.

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