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We bring science and technology to the table

I've been in the animal nutrition consulting and seed industry for 25 years and have always been an early adapter of technology. I always listen to people who bring new products and services to the table and test the products before adapting them. This is what I am trying to bring to the wildlife industry. There are numerous technologies and research that i have been a part of over my career that is overlooked by the public. Anyone who buys from Grandpa Ray Outdoors has access to me to review where you currently area and what your goals are for the future.

Grandpa Ray Outdoors offers plant tissue analysis and soil testing services to help the public achieve success by proper fertilizations of your crops. Two other tools I challenge you all to use is two websites that I use and prefer my clients to use. One is This site gives you everything from rainfall totals, heat units and maps that show the past growing conditions. By looking at the visuals, one can see the areas inside each field that have deficiences. By people sharing with me this overview of your property, i'll help you micro manage to increase productivity.

Another site that is a great short and long term help to producers as well as myself is You can use it as a measuring tool and also a great overview of your property. When clients share these pictures with me, it gives me a feel of the lay of the land, where your hunting stands are set up and help plan strategy on what to plant on your property.

My challenge to all of you who currently work with me or want to work with me is to send me as much information as you can to help me help you. Now is a great time to get me this information so i can start helping you plan for 2017. Let's work together using science and technology.

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