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Looking ahead to 2017

Grandpa Ray Outdoors is about education. If we are not currently the most progressive wildlife company in the business, that is our goal. We established an educational plot in the Columbus Wisconsin area as well as an Organic education plot in Hazel Green Wisconsin. We now have over 20 field staff members across the US and part of field staff members responsibilities is to help test various experimentals 1-2 years before possible release. We don't just put together mixes and hope and pray that our clients will see success from them.

Our education plots are not beautification plots. We test forages in real life situations. We test on all soil types and everywhere from northern Michigan down to Mississippi. We are a national company that is mom and pop. G.R.O is everyone's food plot company. Your purchases allow us the opportunity to continue to conduct state of the art research as well as raise money for youth hunters education and disabled youth hunts. We want to give back to you all as thanks for having faith in us.

In 2017 at the main education plot we will be working on a state of the art project with another national company. We will have blocks of forages with one half being a control and the other half using soil conditioner products. We will be sampling forages every 28 days and comparing the control with the experimental. We want to show each of you how forages REALLY test at various growth stages. We want to show how healthier soil will affect the nutritional values of various forages.

Any of you interesting in helping conduct research and taking part in our experimentals, anyone who joins our G.R.O 365 program for $20 a year gets access to planting these experimentals. You also get more insider information on tips beyond what i post on social media.

Ask yourself, why not Grandpa Ray's for your 2017 needs?

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