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What we bring to the table

I started Grandpa Ray Outdoors after being inside the Wildlife industry and seeing 3 situations up close that were dishonest and lacking of integrity. When I began to read posts on forums and observe what the Wildlife seed industry and deer nutrition industry was becoming, it made me feel sad as well as frustrated. As an educator and expert in the field, I decided to start up G.R.O. to help educate the public as there was very few people who were doing just that.

I have found many great contacts and associations in the past year but to continue to grow and raise money for youth hunters education, disabled hunters and wounded veterans, I need to get continued exposure. I perhaps am a terrible salesman, but I believe I offer what no one does in the wildlife industry, but i'll let you all form your own opinions. Someone recently told me that I need to sell myself better. I hate discussing myself, but i'll share a resume of sorts this will fit the bill, so here goes.

Grew up on a large dairy, beef and crop farm in south central Wisconsin

1986- Finished in the top 20 at the National Soil Judging contest

1990- Graduated from UW-Platteville with a degree in Ag business/Ag economics

1991- Became one of the first independent Ruminant nutritionists in the US.

1991- Started consulting with farmers involved with Managed Intensive Grazing

1992- Started distributing Corn, soybeans, alfalfa's, clovers, small grains and other seeds

1992- Planted my first food plot that consisted of turnips

1994- Nutritionist for Maizefield Bellwood-ET , first Million dollar bull in the dairy industry

1998-2004 Frequent guest speaker for adult ag education students for MATC

2000- Became one of the first people in the US to distribute generic roundup

2001- Started a chemical buying group

2001- Did research with the Wisconsin Discovery Farm Program, weekly sampling forages

2003- Started selling plant foods

2011- Became Ag and wildlife Technical Rep for 16 sales reps in a 7 state area

2012- Started work with a major mid west seed distribution company with focus on Wildlife

2012- Private consulting and product formulation for independent nutritionists and ag businesses

2013- Started a yearly series of Wildlife education seminars across Wisconsin

2015- Started Grandpa Ray Outdoors to educate the public and raise money

2016- Established wildlife food plot education plot, hosting educational events open to the public

2016- Started first organic wildlife education plot for the Outdoor Heritage Foundation Center

2016- Currently have over 20 G.R.O. field staff and other Pro Staff test plots across the US

So, what i believe I bring to the table is someone who knows what Is below the ground and how it affects what grows above the ground. I know what a deer eats and how it moves through their system until it goes out the back end. I am someone who is an expert at ruminant nutrition and forages. I am a managed intensive grazing specialist who understands what deer will eat and how every bite of that forage they consume will effect them. I know how to grow, attract and hold big deer.

So, ask yourself, why not Grandpa Ray's?


@obrionag on twitter

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