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Nutrition and Bio Availability

I am a nutritionist and formulator with over 25 years of experience working with high end animals, farmers and other businesses and nutritionists. I only use the best products and never cut corners. The wildlife world is way behind in the times as far as nutrition. So many companies use low bio available sources of trace minerals in their products and my feeling is that is adds to their profit margins.

When one looks at tags on products you will see many use Zinc Oxide instead of Zinc Sulfate or the "time released sources" such as the Zinc Polysaccharides that I use. For example if one compares the zinc sources and levels in my Ultimate Deer Mineral to other common deer minerals on the market you will see something interesting. I have 2,400 parts per million of Zinc compared to many which contain around 300 parts per million. That is 8 times more zinc. Now look at the attached photo and see that the source of zinc I use is over 4 times more bioavailable than zinc oxide. In every bag of my deer mineral I have over 32 times more bioavailable zinc. My deer mineral is balanced to meet a deer's daily requirements. What does that tell you about all the deer minerals on the market. I am unaware of any that have anywhere near what I have in mine.

The same math applies to manganese, copper and selenium, as those trace minerals also are time released in Ultimate Deer mineral and at much higher levels than most companies as well. Why buy these poorly formulated, poor nutrition and expensive minerals? Dare to compare?

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