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Get the most out of your fertilizer

So many people ask me what fertilizer they should be using on their food plots but they overlook a few things that will help them get more bang for their buck.

Lime first!! If you don't have the proper soil pH, you will not be getting a very high return on your dollar. If your soil pH is 5.0, only 50% of the nitrogen and 50% of the potassium will be available. If your pH is 5.5, only 75% of the nitrogen and 75% of the potassium is available.

Have enough soil organic matter. If you don't have enough soil organic matter, you will have an increased level of soil runoff. You will have increased nutrient leaching. Lastly, you will have a lower level of biological activity, which will affect nutrient availability.

Soil compaction. An overly compact soil will limit root development and growth, which will as a result affect nutrient uptake.

There are other factors involved in fertilizer utilization but those are 3 areas to consider which have a role in your fertilization applications.

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