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1 product becomes 4

This is a discussion that creeps up periodically, Redmonds salts. I have bought and sold redmonds salts for many years, first starting with the organic and natural farmers I consulted with. When I took a job as a midwest distributor technical rep, i came across the Trophy Rock product that redmonds sold, targeting the deer folks. They soon followed with a 30 pound bag of redmond's coarse salt with a deer on the bag and called it four 65.

So, Here is what you all need to know about these products. They are all good products and I even use the #10 loose salt in my deer mineral and the 44 pound block as a free choice product for farmers. I attached a picture of all 4 products. Here is some info on them all.

The redmonds #10 is omri certified, comes in a 50 pound bag and retails for around $12.50 per 50 lb bag. Many organic farmers use this as their organic salt,

The redmonds four 65 is a coarser/larger particle size version of the redmonds #10 and it comes in 30 lb bags and sells for around $15.

The redmonds Trophy rock comes in 20 lb blocks and sells for $16

The redmonds 44 lb block sells for $12.50

If you look at the tags you will see each tag is slightly different but they all list basically the same analysis. You know why? It's because they are all mined from the same place and are all the same product but in different forms and packages.

So, you like the look of the trophy rock but don't like the price point? Buy a 44 lb block, chop it in half and if you don't like how it looks, drag it behind your four wheeler for a couple minutes. (Humor included). What you end up with is a 22 ln block that costs you $6.25 verses $16.

So, there can be some advantages to the four65 in the particle size but if you buy the #10, you get 50 lbs for $12.50 verses 30 lbs for $15. You just got 33% more product for $2.50 less.

Still don't believe me? Call me or email me and i'll provide all the tags to the products if need be. I know all these guys and they are all good products but this is pure marketing 101.

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