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Herbicides, there is more than just roundup!!

Some of you may not know that i helped bring generic roundup into the US. But many of you are relying too much on roundup and your setting yourself up to possible roundup resistant weeds. Here is some labels for common herbicides that my clients have used recently.

Herbicide Information Sheet

Clover and Alfalfa herbicides:

Grass herbicides:

Clethodim label

Select label

Arrow label

Broadleaves (read close)

Brox label

Pursuit label

Thunder label

Soybean or soybean blend herbicides:

Pursuit label

Thunder label


Dual Magnum

Prowl h20

Corn Herbicides:



Dual Magnum

Prowl H20



Closely read all labels. Some of these herbicide are preemerge and some post emerge. Some can be tank mixed and others can’t.

I have had a number of clients mix residual weed control with your glyphosate during burndown and preplant. You don’t need to rely on a glyphosate program and I strongly recommend switching up your chemistries every couple years to reduce the incidence of glyphosate tolerant weeds.

Contact your local agronomist or chemical supplier for further instructions.

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