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Nutrition, my background!!

I started Grandpa Ray Outdoors to raise money for youth hunters education and disabled youth hunts after seeing so much miss information and product selling in the wildlife industry. I have been posting numerous blogs and tips to give another perspective. What I haven't went into much depth on is my nutrition background. Here is my background and why I feel I can add some expertise and science to the industry.

I started my own independent nutrition consulting business right out of college. Most people worked for feed mills and companies back in the early 90's but I really hated feed salesmen and wanted to help educate verses push product. I picked up most of my client base over all the years from word of mouth. I was lucky enough to get involved with a few of the influencial forefathers in the rotational grazing industry as well as some successful daily operations.

I consulted for one of the top herds in the early 90's and then one of the top herds in the early 20's. I later on moved on to be the formulator and technical rep for a large midwest distributor. That lead me to where what I am doing now. Currently, I do product formulation, ration balancing and independent nutrition expertise for 6 businesses and 2 independent nutritionists. I have developed products for deer, dairy, beef, swine, goats, sheep, rabbits, alpacas and horses. I have even developed a high end product for a veterenarian for therapy animals, that has been used in the deer industry.

I have been fortunate to have run into many early innovators and adapters over the years. I have numerous relationships in the animal health industry from vets to mineral companies to animal health companies. I have also provided expert testimony in some lawsuits in the past and have been a sounding board for some people, wanting opinions on various animal health issues.

With so many people in the wildlife business putting really inferior products on the market that are not bioavailable, nor nutrient dense, my goal is to educate. If people don't buy from me, thats ok but I want people to know what they are buying. I want people to understand what is in a bag of product and how much added benefit one will receive from that product.

Nutrition can be as simple or as complex as one wants it to be. In life, everything is simple chemistry and with balance. Some slight imbalances can creat a butterfly effect that derails the best laid plans.

So, I hope to give people in the industry a feel for where I am coming from and not a sense of the same old, same old. I believe I add a lot of value to clients and the average public. No matter what I know or have learned over the 25 years in the animal nutrition field, I vow to learn more each and every day to continue to offer the public new technologies and new ideas from my vast network of experts.

Thanks for your time and consider Grandpa Ray Outdoors for "added value"

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