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How to Find the Best Food to Plant for Deer

Finding the best high quality food plot seed for deer starts where your current supplier purchases it. Grandpa Ray Outdoors is part of O'Brion Agri Services and the Independent Seed Group, a seed distribution business. We buy and redistribute many of the same seeds used in the Grandpa Ray's food plot mixes to feed mills, farm stores and agronomy centers. We are able to buy in volume and buy from growers and seed distributors that offer the best quality seed.

Looking at tags when you purchase food plot seed is very important. Seeing the quality of seed that is in the mixes you buy goes a long way in determining success in deer management. High weed seed counts will result in a potential for a weed infestation when you plant your food plots. Low germination seed counts will result in poor stands or the end user needing to seed at higher seeding rates to achieve a nice sward density.

Here is a tag of seed that i purchased, that will be going into my blends for customers to plant. Look at the high germination counts and weed free seeds making this some of the best food plot seed on the market. Seed also should be tested every 12 months and see on the tag, when this lot seed was tested. Many seeds you find sitting on big box store shelves are old dated and not fresh.

Best Food Plot Seed Chart

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