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The Best Whitetail Deer Antler Growth Supplements with Facts!

For those where it is legal to use deer antler growth supplements such as mineral, check this out.

We have more phosphorous than the leading deer minerals. With ours being purified monocal, instead of 7% phosphorous, it's more like 9.2% based on bioavailability. We have many more trace minerals than the competition and in many of those cases they also use oxides, verses sulfates and chelates. For example, we have 10 times the zinc than Antler King, but since i use sulfates and chelates and they use oxides, the bio-availability is at least double. This results in us bring over 20 times the amount of bio-available zinc than Antler King.

The 3 major components in building deer antlers besides protein are calcium, phosphorous and magnesium. Look at our levels compared to everyone else for our antler growth supplements.

Lastly, we have e-coli and salmonella blockers, yeast, probiotics, purified monocal, chelated trace minerals and the best blend of "natural" flavors on the market. So, look at the deer mineral you have been using and put your tag up against Grandpa Ray's Ultimate Deer Mineral. It should be enlightening to compare what the best antler growth supplements are on the market! That is my challenge to you all.

Deer Mineral Supplement Comparison Chart

The nutrition is the best and the price is lower than the fancy bag brands as well...Why not Grandpa Ray's?

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