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Premier logging trail mix

A premier logging trail mix will be introduced for the 2016 lineup. Most logging mixes on the market contain forages that are less than desireable to deer or will not last real long. This mix contains a blend of clovers, high sugar perennial ryegrass and meadow fescue. I am not aware that there is any mixes on the market that currently use meadow fescue. Meadow Fescue is much more palatable than fescues and it doesn't have the endophyte issues. It also is very shade tolerate and grazing tolerant. There is current stands out there that have lasted over 100 years. It is native to some areas of the US and is a very desirable grazing forage in the managed intensive grazing community. My background is in M.I.G and many of the concepts, you will see in my wildlife mixes.

We want nutrition, not ground cover.This product gives people the best of both worlds. A nice thick stand that will last and that will be consumed.

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