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14 Different Food Plot Blends to Choose From

Straight Ingredients, Native Mixes and more...

grandpa ray outdoors testimonial

“I cannot thank Grandpa Ray Outdoors enough, for bringing quality products to the hunting community. Not only do they provide excellent products, but they are educators on how to maximize the plant’s full growing potential. QUALITY and TONNAGE are two very important factors in supporting a growing deer herd and GRO has brought that to my food/habitat areas. A couple of years ago I was the food plotter who would put seed in the ground and hope that it would grow. I had no idea what a plant needed in order to make it healthier, more nutritious and more palatable. I started doing some research and came across John and his company, Grandpa Ray Outdoors. He had many informative instructional videos available on YouTube and Facebook. There is also the special membership community and page on Facebook for questions and answers. I found this platform to be EXTREMELY helpful in answering all my questions. With help from Grandpa Ray Outdoors I was able to harvest my largest whitetail to date, 198” Thank you
Eric Spacek

Products and Services

Grandpa Ray Outdoors was started as a tribute to my Grandpa Ray who owned the farm where I grew up and received my passion for animal nutrition and agronomy. In 1990, I graduated from UW-Platteville with a degree in Ag Business/Ag-Economics. In 1991, I became one of the first independent ruminant nutritionists in the United States. In 1992, I started selling alfalfa, clover, small grains, and other seeds. 


I was involved in research at the state level for the discovery farm program, sampling forages every week to show the differences in quality. Over the years I provided nutrition work for farmers, other nutrition consultants and independent Agri businesses. I know nutrition at an elite level. I have over 300 products in the marketplace that I formulated for other companies.  In 2015, I started Grandpa Ray Outdoors to educate people with an end goal of doing my part to change the wildlife industry.


Grandpa Ray's specializes in providing the best nutrition for the whitetail deer on your property starting with the soil. We do this with offering a full line of high-quality food plot seed, plant foods and minerals. We go the extra mile by helping you understand the best way to use our products with our consulting services. We a main research an educational plot in South central Wisconsin that hosts events and is also open to the public. We have a south-central Wisconsin sand ground research plot, a Viola Wisconsin clay soil property and extreme property makeover in western Wisconsin, as well as another property in south central Wisconsin where forage and soil health are the focus. I also am a feature speaker for the Outdoor Life/Field in Stream deer and turkey expos across the US. 

Team G.R.O. Program Membership

You do not need to join the program to purchase seed, but by joining you get great benefits

Cost is $25 per year for the basic membership and you receive:

Monthly Newsletter -Monthly TEAM GRO Member only specials-Access to TEAM GRO Member experimental mixes

10% off all orders -Access to the TEAM GRO Educational series facebook page

 Become a G.R.O member by clicking on the "Shop" tab at the top and add the membership program to the cart.


Silver Membership costs $50 and comes with the same benefits but you also receive a TEAM GRO hat and an updated food plot guide book.

G.R.O. Educational Plot

We have our main educational plot in Columbus WI. There are 34 different blocks of forages that yields are measured, forages are analysed for nutrient values. Open to the public for educational events or 1 on 1 tours. I also have a sand ground research plot, a sand and variable soil research farm as well as the G.R.O Farm. In total 6 research properties conducting the most intensive research in the wildlife industry. We know what we sell and we sell what we know.

educational plot

John offers private property visits, online mapping, soil test analysis, plant tissue analysis, fertilizer recommendations and complete wildlife program evaluation. John is on around 50 properties a year across the US. He is the wildlife industries food plot expert. Contact John O'Brion at 608-235-0628 or  for pricing and options. 

2019 Commercial

2019 Commercial

We Are America's Wildlife Research Leader.
Besides our own research there are over 500 TEAM GRO members helping us test forages 1-3 years before releasing them to the public.

YES, You can pay with credit card, Venmo, Zelle or by check. Email or call John 608-235-0628 to place your order.

2023 Calendar

March 24-26 Open Season Deer Expo Wisconsin Dells

May 14- Deer School Wisconsin Oconto Falls Wi

G.R.O. sells just about anything you can imagine for wildlife. Just because you don't see it in the store doesn't mean we don't sell it. Contact us for quotes for those items.

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